How to Get More Clients on Facebook: The Complete 5-Step Strategy [Plus a Bonus Tip!]

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When I do 1-on-1 consults, many business owners ask me, “Anik, how can I start acquiring more clients?”

If you’re at the same stage in your business, this article’s for you!

Now, I want to make clear that my clients are already actively promoting their business or brand online. They have a couple of customers, so they have experience and are ready to invest further to grow their business.

But, when we talk about getting your next 20+ clients, everybody thinks it’s some complicated funnel or an elaborate strategy that will get them there.


Believe it or not, there’s a simple process to get your business from its first five clients to the next 25 that’s incredibly effective yet underutilized—marketing on Facebook.

So today, I’m doing you a solid and delivering a detailed 5-step strategy on how to get more clients on Facebook without being overly salesy.

The best part?

These are tactics that ANYONE can take with them and start immediately. I’m talking about real relationship building that converts into sales over time.

So, if you want to start crushing it on Facebook, read on!

First, let’s quickly go over why Facebook is ABSOLUTELY the place if you want to get more clients.

Why Facebook is So Effective for Client Acquisition

Why Facebook Is So Effective for Client Acquisition
Why Facebook Is So Effective for Client Acquisition

Facebook offers killer advantages that make closing clients seem like child’s play when you use it right.

Massive Audience Size and Targeting Options

With over 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook provides unmatched reach. You can target users based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more to reach your ideal clients.

Relationship Building Through Content

I LOVE the community we’ve built up on our private Facebook group. And based on that experience, I can tell you, posting VALUABLE content builds authority FAST.

You can demonstrate expertise to attract your target customers without being that pushy car salesman.

Presence and Persistent Exposure

In case you didn’t know, being active daily on Facebook increases your visibility and presence in front of your target audience.

For example, I post advice, stories, tips, and more in our Facebook group daily. That keeps me relevant and top-of-mind with prospective clients so that when they’re ready to work with me, it’s easy.

Integrating With Your Sales Process

This might seem like an advanced technique if you’re just starting out, but the sooner you integrate your Facebook efforts into your sales funnels and CRM, the better.

I mean, you don’t just send Facebook leads into a black hole!

Leads generated on Facebook can be nurtured through your sales or email sequences. This process warms them up and builds relationships until they’re ready for your core offer.

Now that you can see Facebook’s immense advantages, let’s look at how you can leverage the platform to scale your business fast.

How One Agency Owner Used Facebook to Scale from 5 to 25 Clients

Mike Buontempo

Mike Buontempo grew his digital marketing agency from 5 to 25+ clients in just 12 months.

And these aren’t just any clients. We’re talking about high-paying ones who spend $4k, $5k, or even $10k per month, generating over $100k in monthly revenue for his agency.

How did he do it?

By fully leveraging Facebook to generate leads and build authority.

It’s not just that. The guy also has SUPER SPEED skills when it comes to following up with his prospects.

Seriously. You can read about how he got his first client on Facebook to know what I mean.


After hitting the first growth spurt, Mike decided to double down on Facebook by creating an audiobook titled “How to Use Facebook Ads to Get More Clients.”

Priced at $1.99, this allowed him to collect buyer information to build his email list. He drove traffic to the audiobook using Facebook ads, resulting in over 4,000 sales to date.

The backend offered coaching and other services, which converted around 11 of the audiobook buyers into full-fledged agency clients.

His third lever of Facebook growth was launching a free Facebook group called “Paid Traffic Vault.” Populated with audiobook buyers, this group gave Mike another way to post content and engage with potential clients daily.

In just one month, he gained 900 group members and landed new agency clients directly attributed to the group’s discussion and his posting.

By focusing his efforts on three areas of Facebookorganic posts, paid ads, and a free Facebook group – Mike was able to scale his agency and get monthly recurring clients in less than a year.

Now that’s what you call social media marketing done right!

Let’s map out exactly what Mike did in an easy-to-implement 5-step strategy so you can model his success.

Now, I’m not saying your results are guaranteed. It’s all about education and showing you the immense potential Facebook offers for getting more clients.

Step 1: Establish Credibility and Authority With Case Studies

People want to buy from experts. Show that through social proof—clients you’ve helped.

In Mike’s case, it was sharing case studies from one of his clients.

Here’s how you can go about it. 

Share Specific Examples and Results

No fluffy stuff.

Post real examples and results from your services 2-3 times per week. Include details like:

  • Client’s industry and goals
  • Specifics of the campaigns/projects
  • Metrics and results achieved
  • Before and after data

Use images, videos, and visual formats to make case studies engaging and easy to digest.

Within just weeks of posting his case studies, Mike was consistently getting comments, shares, and messages on these posts.

Establish Credibility and Authority With Case Studies
Establish Credibility and Authority With Case Studies

Follow Up With Anyone Who Engages

One CRUCIAL thing to remember is to personally follow up with each person who engaged with your posts so you can open up a dialogue about working together.

Don’t just publish case studies passively.

Send them a personal message to start a conversation about their business and needs. Then, move the discussion to a phone call to qualify them as a lead.

Case studies build authority and attract potential clients into your funnel. Following up helps convert them into warm leads and guide them down your funnel until they become customers.

Case Study

Step 2: Qualify Leads and Assume the Sale

Once you’ve generated leads through high-value content marketing on Facebook, the next step is nurturing them into paying clients.

Remember, you can’t treat all leads equally if you want high conversions.

An essential process is qualifying each lead to see if they are a good fit for your services and ready to move forward. Once you identify quality prospects, your goal is to guide them smoothly through the sales process to close deals.

This all starts with the initial contact and sales conversation with a new lead. Here are proven techniques for qualifying leads and assuming the sale on these calls:

Ask Questions to Understand Their Metrics

On any call with a prospect, seek to first understand their business situation and metrics.

Key questions:

  • What are your current acquisition costs and conversion rates?
  • What’s your average order value or customer lifetime value?
  • How much do you currently spend on advertising and marketing?
  • What are your monthly/annual revenue totals?
  • What’s your #1 business goal we can help with?

Their responses help determine if they’re a good fit and how you can provide value.

Confidently Assume the Sale

For qualified prospects, confidently assume the sale on the call and walk them through engaging your services.

For example:

  • Recap their needs and explain how your services can help
  • Present the ideal package/pricing based on their goals
  • While on the call, send your contract for e-signature
  • Schedule a kickoff call to start the onboarding process
  • Confirm the next steps so you can hit the ground running

This seamless experience takes them from prospect to client within the call. Ensure their needs align with your services then facilitate the onboarding.

Step 3: Use Facebook Groups to Build Relationships

Use Facebook Groups to Build Relationships

While optimizing your personal Facebook profile should be the priority, creating a Facebook group can take your lead generation and client acquisition to the next level.

Groups allow you to build a community and foster deeper relationships with highly targeted, high-intent users in your niche. This increases engagement, establishes authority, and enables more touchpoints with potential clients.

You can directly engage followers, provide immense value, and position yourself as an expert. This regular exchange makes converting group members into paying clients much easier.

Here are some tips for effectively using Facebook groups to get more clients:

Start a Group Closely Aligned with Your Services

Don’t create a generic group unrelated to your niche. Make sure the group topic aligns very closely with your actual business offerings.

For example, if you’re a social media marketing agency, create a group called “Social Media Marketing Insiders” or “Facebook Ads Mastermind.” Use a name that is clearly targeting ideal clients.

This draws in laser-focused, high-intent members who will genuinely be interested in your services. Avoid overly broad group topics that attract random people. Tailor it.

Provide Value and Build Relationships

Give members a reason to pay attention by sharing valuable posts daily.

Of course, the topics that you post will depend on your niche but the point is to mix informative content with engagement.

Here are some content types I often post:

  • Content marketing tips
  • Videos
  • AMA (ask me anything)
  • Success stories
  • Contests

Informative or educational content demonstrates your expertise, while AMAs and contests are more conversational and can help with engagement and building rapport.

Leverage High Engagement

Jump into comments, go live, run polls – whatever you gotta do to build relationships. Offer help and advice to position yourself as the trusted expert in your niche.

Offer to help followers who ask questions by providing guidance relevant to your services. Nurture these potential leads.

Facebook groups offer exceptionally high organic reach potential when cultivated properly. So, take full advantage of this by being highly engaged yourself. 

My Facebook group gets crazy engagement because I’m in there personally teaching and sharing what I know. This active presence helps you gain people’s trust and converts warm leads.

Step 4: Run Facebook Ads to a Lead Magnet

Mike Buontempo Audiobook

While free organic tactics are crucial for long-term authority building, paid Facebook advertising is the fastest way to get attention for your business.

That’s it. Period.

Like Mike, you can mix organic and paid strategies on Facebook. 

But to maximize your Facebook ads and get more targeted leads, the key is having an effective lead magnet or front-end offer to promote with your ads.

Promote a Valuable Yet Inexpensive Offer

Unlike a generic freebie opt-in, your lead magnet should provide tremendous value while qualifying buyers based on their willingness to pay a nominal amount.

For example, Mike created a $1.99 audiobook that provided step-by-step training related to his agency services. This was over an hour of high-quality content.

Even at a low price point, this qualifies buyers based on their demonstrated interest and willingness to pay something. It filters out tire kickers.

Retarget Engaged Users

Once you have your lead magnet set, the next thing to do is retarget engaged users to increase conversions.

You can create custom audiences of people who have:

  • Watched 50% or more of your video ad for your lead magnet
  • Clicked on your ad to visit your sales page
  • Added your lead magnet to their cart
  • Visited your website after seeing the ad

Then serve repeat ads and special incentive offers like a 20% off coupon specifically to these qualified leads who already expressed interest. This could increase conversions by 2-3X.

The goal is to stay persistently top of mind until they purchase. People who purchase your inexpensive offer can then become future clients.

Step 5: Send Regular Emails to Nurture Leads

The worst thing you can do is ghost your leads. 

For me, email marketing is the best way to nurture leads generated on Facebook and keep them engaged.

Send Regular Emails to Nurture Leads
Send Regular Emails to Nurture Leads

Here’s what I do.

I send 1-2 emails per day focused on delivering value through short tips, stories, and case studies combined with promotions. You can learn more about the 4 email types that drive email marketing profits and engagement that I use in my email sequences.

Now, I see a lot of marketers who don’t give their email marketing the time and effort it deserves.

Don’t be that person.

Building relationships and authority over time is critical before asking for a sale. So, do the right thing and start emailing your list and nail your email sequences. You’ll thank me later.

PRO Tip: Don’t give up if prospects don’t convert immediately. Continue following up and nurturing leads through helpful content.

People buy when they are ready. Consistent value helps them get ready.

If a lead grabs my lead magnet but doesn’t book a call, I don’t give up. I follow up 1-2X per week with emails.

Just ’cause someone isn’t ready to commit to your offer now, doesn’t mean they’re never going to buy. Consistent value warms them up over time.

BONUS Tip: Expand Your Presence Through YouTube

Mike Buontempo Youtube

While Facebook does the heavy lifting in this strategy, our bonus tip is to make sure you also build your presence on YouTube.

YouTube is awesome for organic traffic and in Mike’s case, he uses the platform to establish more authority.

Being on YouTube is the next best thing to having a one-on-one call with a client. It’s a way for you to show what you’re all about and land more clients.

Now, I know shooting polished videos can seem daunting, especially if you’re a solopreneur without a production team.

But here’s an easy hack: Repurpose your top-performing content from Facebook into YouTube videos.

Repurpose your top-performing content from Facebook into YouTube videos
Repurpose your top-performing content from Facebook into YouTube videos

For example, take an in-depth Facebook case study and turn it into a “Breaking Down Our Recent Client Campaign” video.

This allows you to tap into the massive opportunity of YouTube without starting from scratch. Your Facebook content provides the foundation.

Expanding your presence to YouTube, even in a small way, can pay dividends. It establishes authority and gives you another channel to connect with potential clients.

Execute This 5-Step Strategy for Facebook Client Acquisition

Execute This 5-Step Strategy for Facebook Client Acquisition
Execute This 5-Step Strategy for Facebook Client Acquisition

Hopefully, you now have a clear picture of how to get more clients on Facebook. Use these same steps that have generated over $100k monthly for a professional agency and tweak them for your business.

Here are your key takeaways:

  • Combining organic relationship-building with paid advertising provides powerful results.
  • Creating and distributing highly valuable content establishes authority and trust over time.
  • You need to nurture relationships persistently to convert followers into paying clients.
  • Patience and consistency pay off hugely in the long run.
  • The more value you can provide to your audience, the easier client acquisition on Facebook becomes.

So, start using these steps to land your next 25 clients and beyond!

Hungry for more insider strategies to grow your business?

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