How to Get Your First Client from Facebook: A Step-by-Step Blueprint

How to Get Your First Client from Facebook

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Wondering how to get your first client from Facebook?

I know it can seem daunting.

When I first started my business, I had no idea how I was going to find customers.

But hey, that was more than 20 years ago!

The business landscape has evolved dramatically since then.

Thanks to social media platforms, you don’t need to waste your time cold-calling, dumping dollars into ad spend, or sending desperate emails to people you don’t know.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through exactly how to:

  • Grow your ideal audience on Facebook
  • Position yourself as an authority 
  • Engage prospects without selling 
  • Nurture promising leads
  • Close clients from your connections

All these wins WITHOUT spending a single dollar on ads!

Curious to learn how it works? Let’s dive in!

Why Facebook is a Magnet for Attracting Clients

Over 3 billion people are actively using Facebook every month.

If you’re on it, chances are you already have your friends and family as connections, so you have a headstart for getting customers!

Here are a few key reasons Facebook works so well:

  • Your network is there – No need to build an audience from scratch!
  • Social proof matters – People see when friends engage with you. 
  • Showcase expertise – Share content showing your skills.

Ok. We know why being on Facebook is the smart move. Now, let’s see this in action. 

Let me tell you the real-life hero story of Mike Bountempo.

How One Entrepreneur Used Facebook to Get His First 5 High-Paying Clients

Mike Buontempo has built an empire from organic traffic on Facebook.

I had him tell me his story (you can watch below) of how he got his first five high-paying clients on Facebook in just a few months.

Mike started by building his network and friending as many potential prospects as possible.

Now, he didn’t just randomly send friend invites.

He aimed to have around 5,000 friends, including business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs – his ideal client profile.

Once he had a solid network established, Mike began posting value-driven content and case studies to his personal Facebook profile. His posts outlined strategies he had used to drive traffic, generate leads, and boost client sales.

One post, for example, asked if people would be interested in learning how he made over a million dollars in sales from one webinar. If enough people commented, he’d share the case study.

The post received hundreds of likes and comments from people interested in that strategy.

Mike Buontempo case study post

Mike would post similar types of valuable content that served a trifold purpose:

  • First, it positioned him as an expert. 
  • Second, the comments and engagement allowed Mike to identify and qualify potential prospects.
  • Third, Mike’s organic reach on Facebook exploded.

Mike's Rapid Engagement Strategy

When he was ready, Mike would reach out to commenters via Facebook Messenger and strike up a conversation.

He would give them the case study and ask if they needed any help implementing the strategies in their business.

Once prospects indicated they were interested, Mike would immediately (within an hour or two) get them on a call to close the deal. He attributes his speed and responsiveness as one of the keys to converting interest into paid clients.

This organic Facebook strategy allowed Mike to sign $2,000 – $4,000 per month retainers with 5 high-paying clients within his first few months. Since then he has since grown to more than 25 clients and over $100k per month in revenue.

Mike’s story demonstrates the power of leveraging your existing Facebook network to establish yourself as an expert and organically attract clients.

Now, I don’t want you to think that Mike’s success happened overnight. I just condensed everything so we get to the happy ending much faster.

This organic marketing strategy does REQUIRE consistency and effort.

You must commit to a long-term approach (you won’t see your ROI as quickly as in paid ads).

However, patience and hard work produced results – the strategy allowed Mike to get his agency off the ground and land high-paying clients without any paid advertising.

At this point, I hope you’re all pumped up with inspiration from Mike’s story.

Let’s go under the hood and examine each stage of Mike’s Facebook organic marketing strategy so you can see how it applies to your business.

Step 1: Expand Your Network

Remember, you can’t share content with people or nurture leads without a relevant audience.

Getting your first client starts with building up your network with ideal prospects.

Here are three tips to quickly grow your Facebook network:

Join Industry Groups

If you want to get clients, you have to build credibility.

No exceptions. Whether in e-commerce, services, or the information business,  credibility matters.

Think about it – your credibility leads to referrals, gives your brand a polished image, and makes your marketing efforts more powerful.

When people see you as a credible expert, they’re more likely to pick you over others.

Join Industry Groups
Join Industry Groups

How do you build credibility on Facebook? Start making yourself visible in industry groups.

Here’s how to find industry groups in your niche:

  • Know your niche keywords – Use Facebook to search for niche-focused groups using keywords relevant to your product or offer.
  • Target like a sniper – Join 5-10 active groups closely related to your industry.
  • Engage. Engage. Engage. – Participate in group discussions by offering valuable responses to questions and sharing insights.
  • Show your expertise – by thoroughly answering members’ questions.
  • Value first – Avoid excessive self-promotion; prioritize contributing value.
  • Be consistent – Engage regularly. Don’t just post one thing and expect results.

Trust me, you’ll want to put your energy into this. This move will be your foundation in attracting clients. Otherwise, you’ll be ignored.

Connect with Prospects

Here’s another issue with people trying to get clients on Facebook – they wait for people to connect with them.

BIG mistake.

Make the first move. Be PROACTIVE in growing your network.

Here are a few ways you can start connecting:

  • Look for Ideal Pages and Followers – Find your ideal clients on Facebook by checking their pages and followers.
  • Send personalized connection requests – Connect with key decision-makers (founders, CEOs, etc.) with personalized connection requests mentioning their company.
  • Offer industry insights – Offer to add value and increase your chances of being accepted.
  • Start Engaging – Engage with your ideal prospects by liking, commenting, and sharing relevant content.
  • Build Relationships – Focus on building a genuine relationship before discussing business.
  • Be Consistent – Connect with 10-20 prospects weekly to grow your network.

The worst thing that can happen is you get turned down. So what?

Who hasn’t experienced rejection?

Sylvester Stallon was rejected 1,500 times trying to sell his script for Rocky. There weren’t even 1,500 agents in the entire country. He went back again and again and got rejected again and again.

Finally, he accepted $35,000 with a profit share and could act the part. Rocky cost $1 million to make and ended up grossing over $200 million–and winning an Oscar!

Do your outreach now. It’ll pay off later.

Tap into Your Existing Contacts

Aim for low-hanging fruit.

That’s how business is anyway—we start selling to friends and family.

Even if you don’t have thousands of existing connections, you can start with the ones you have on your personal Facebook account. 

Here’s a strategy on how you can go about this:

  • Identify target customers from your friends/followers.
  • Engage with potential leads by liking and commenting on their posts.
  • Share relevant content based on their interests.
  • Offer value by answering questions and joining discussions.
  • Introduce your business naturally when it can help.
  • Ask for introductions to their network.

Utilize all your Facebook connections. You never know where your next great lead may come from.

Step 2: Provide Value on Facebook

Provide Value on Facebook

This step is something I’ve been preaching about and truly believe in.

VALUE first.

I’m not saying you should have the answer to world peace or that your audience should reach enlightenment. But your content needs to have your unique take on a topic in your industry. Your audience needs to LEARN something.

When I do 1-on-1 consults, business owners often tell me, “But Anik, I don’t know what to talk about.”

I get it. Not everyone has the next viral topic in mind.

Here’s what I suggest:

Share Industry Insights

Comment on relevant news, data, trends, etc., happening in your niche. Offer your unique perspectives and analysis.

Post Success Stories of People You’ve Helped

These are client success stories, but given you’re still working on getting one, why not share success stories of people you’ve worked for or businesses you’ve helped in the past? Show the results you achieved for them! Testimonials do wonders for credibility.

Teach Helpful Strategies 

Create how-to videos or posts explaining tactics related to your services step-by-step. You can teach the basics for free and upsell more advanced offerings later after establishing authority.

Answer Common Questions

Check industry groups and competitor pages to find frequently asked topics. Address these in helpful posts to position yourself as the problem solver for your niche!

The goal is to demonstrate your expertise and build trust. In my opinion, there’s no better way to do that than by providing valuable content.

Step 3: Increase Your Marketing for Engagement

Increase Your Marketing for Engagement

I’ll be honest with you. Sometimes, great content is not enough.

Lots of people put their best stuff out there and make all these things like eBooks, social media posts, and whatnot.

But for some reason, they’re still not getting the response they want.

Well, I’ve got news for you. It just means you’re not doing enough marketing!

Posting helpful content is great, but you need prospects to actually see and interact with it!

And that’s where some killer marketing tactics come in!

Here are a few ways you can get more likes and engagement without paying that I’ve picked up in the past and I think are still relevant today:

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Asking open-ended questions at the end of your posts sparks discussion in the comments section.

Specifically, questions like “What do you think?” and “Have you had a different experience?” work extremely well.

The Power of Daily Emails


Because they don’t have right or wrong answers. Which means you prompt people to share their perspectives. And then, Boom! You get this back-and-forth discussion that increases overall engagement on your post as more people join the conversation.

And in case you didn’t know—having an active discussion with many comments signals to the Facebook algorithm that your content is interesting.

It shows your content to more users, which then amplifies your reach.

And you know what else is soooo good about it?

It becomes your social proof! People see that engagement, get curious about you, and start commenting, liking, or following your content.

Run Simple Contests

This tactic never fails me. You can check out our Facebook group. I have contests where the prize is a hundred dollars—something I know can drive people to act.

I recommend you keep your contest requirements simple.

For example, a contest where people just need to like your page and tag a friend has a much higher conversion rate than one requiring people to share posts, visit your site, etc.

The easier you make it to enter your contest, the more participants you’ll have.

More participants mean more visibility for your brand as they share with their own networks.

The prize doesn’t need to be extravagant. Even a small prize like a $5 gift card can generate hundreds of new page likes when promoted through a contest.

Just make sure your contest rules and participation method comply with Facebook’s promotions policies.

Overall though, contests tap into people’s enjoyment of winning freebies.

Offer Freebies

Let me tell you something—people LOVE free stuff!

Giving away something useful like a template, resource list, guide, or other micro asset in exchange for a share or follow can help you expand your reach.

Offer Freebies
Offer Freebies

I recently gave away one of my proven webinar sales funnel templates because I know it can help people convert better.

But your freebie can be anything you think is relevant to your prospects and easy for you to produce.


Cheat Sheet

Free training

Free 1-on-1 call

It’s up to you as long as you’re giving away something with value.

I strongly advise you not to give away mediocre stuff—you know, something that’s copy-pasted or you had ChatGPT write (yes, we know!).

Believe me, that will just ruin all hopes of people buying your stuff in the future!

Don’t destroy your reputation. You’re just starting to build one!

Freebies work because of the psychological principle of reciprocity. When you give something for free first, people feel obligated to return the favor. 

Even if only 10% of people who claim your freebie actually share your page, that’s still 10% more reach than you had before. Small gains compound over time.

Post Your Unpopular Opinion

With all the content out there, you don’t stand a chance if your stuff’s vanilla.

The way to cut through the noise is to be AUTHENTIC—even if that means sharing an unpopular or controversial opinion related to your niche.

I’m not saying you should go out there and intentionally upset others.

Post Your Unpopular Opinion

The key is taking an angle most people disagree with and backing it up with logical arguments. This taps into people’s natural urge to voice their perspectives.

For example, a social media consultant could argue that businesses should stay away from TikTok – an increasingly unpopular stance.

A lively debate would ensue. The post needs to expand on your stance thoughtfully. Don’t just state it without context. Offer data, analysis, examples, etc., to build your case.

If you do this right, an unpopular opinion post will get people commenting, tagging others, and sharing counter-arguments. All of this raises your visibility.

Step 4: Follow Up & Convert

Follow Up & Convert
Follow Up & Convert

Here comes the most crucial step – converting the engagement into actual sales!

If there’s one thing we can learn from Mike’s story when it comes to closing a sale, it’s that SPEED matters!

You need to capitalize on expressed interest quickly before it fades. 

Use this follow-up process once prospects become warm or hot traffic:

Reply to Everyone

Thank anyone who engages with your content by name. This kickstarts a personalized conversation to build rapport.

Move to Messenger

Continue the conversation privately on Facebook Messenger. Offer additional value, like a complete case study based on their needs.

Send Content Offers

Share opt-in magnets, extended guides, or premium content in Messenger in exchange for an email address. This lets you stay in touch on Facebook later.

Book Quick Calls

Schedule short 15-30 minute phone calls to discuss their goals and assess if you’re a potential fit for providing the solutions they need. Lock these down fast when interest is piqued!

Close Deals

On the call, focus on uncovering pain points you can solve. If it’s a fit, explain your offerings and close them immediately before urgency fades.

Rinse and repeat this process consistently, nurturing promising leads until they convert. Your patience and persistence pay off here.

Now Go Land Your First Client!

Now Go Land Your First Client
Now Go Land Your First Client

And there you have it – all the essential steps for organically getting your first client on Facebook!

It starts with building an audience of ideal prospects, nurturing them through value-driven content, driving high engagement, following up promptly, and closing through personalized outreach.

I know it can seem intimidating if you’re just starting. But implementing this process consistently WILL get you clients! I’ve used these exact steps to grow my community and client base.

You’ve got the blueprint. Now, get out there and make it happen!

And if you ever get stuck, head on to our FREE Facebook Group. Shoot me your question, or ask other entrepreneurs just like yourself for some Jedi-level business wisdom!

Click here to join our free Facebook group today, and I’ll see you inside!

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