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Did you know that you’re sitting on a GOLDMINE in your business?

Your email list!

If you don’t have one, this article’s not for you. But you should start building your list ASAP.

While having an email list is one thing, using it effectively is another.

When consulting clients, I’m constantly amazed at how FEW of them actually EMAIL their leads. They collect email addresses and then—do nothing.

This isn’t just an oversight; you’re literally leaving thousands if not millions of dollars on the table. The average ROI of email marketing is $36 for every $1 spent. That’s 36x email marketing profits for every dollar invested!

So, if you pour $15,000 into email marketing and your emails perform according to average industry standards, you’ll generate something like $540,000!

That’s HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. From a $15,000 investment.

Where on God’s green Earth will you ever find ROIs that insane?

Please note – I’m not guaranteeing anything here. Your results will vary based on lots of different factors. I’m just using averages and math.

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s discuss how you can start creating emails that drive audience engagement and revenue.

The Top 4 Profitable Marketing Email Types You Need to Send Now

Top 4 Profitable Marketing Email Types
Top 4 Profitable Marketing Email Types

Email marketing has been my mainstay for over two decades. If you asked me what one of my superpowers as an Entrepreneur is, I’d say “Email Marketing.”

Over 20 years, I’ve collected MILLIONS of emails. Just one of my Sendlane accounts has 2.5 million contacts in it (and I’ve got many accounts).

To give you an idea of the volume of my outreach, I’ve sent out BILLIONS of emails under my name. Within the last week, my team and I sent 4 MILLION emails to our ACTIVE subscribers alone.

This isn’t about bragging but showcasing a track record built on my EXPERIENCE and results.

It’s safe to say I know what I’m talking about.

I’ve become METHODICAL about sending four types of emails.

These four email types aren’t random categories; they’re the product of years of sending large volumes of emails, analyzing results, testing, and refining.

By themselves, these emails are POWERFUL. But combine them strategically and watch them EXPLODE your engagement to insane levels.

Before we get into each type, keep in mind that variety is key! If you only send one type of email, you’ll train your list to expect the same thing repeatedly.

Eventually, your audience will tune you out or hit unsubscribe.

Mixing and matching different email types keeps your audience attentive, engaged, and CLICKING. This means they’re more likely to buy your offers.

Story Emails

Story Emails
Story Emails

Everyone loves a story. That’s why story emails are your secret weapon to building a profound connection with your subscribers.

Recently, I decided to fire myself as the CEO of my own company.

You read that right. I gave myself the axe.


I realized when my company hit $30 million a year that I was no longer helping it.  I was actually disruptive to my team’s processes and systems.

When we hit $15 million a year, a startling realization struck me:  I STOPPED enjoying being a CEO.

A big part of the reason we got to $15 million a year was MY…

  • Creativity…
  • Skillset…
  • Ability to execute…

But those same abilities and STRENGTHS were exactly what started holding the company back as we scaled more.

A business doing $10+ million a year has figured out its traffic model, sales funnel, offer, and team.

But an entrepreneur will keep trying to innovate and “fix” things that aren’t actually broken. A CEO will systemize and streamline.

Here’s what I discovered…

My specific skillset as a marketer was now becoming DISRUPTIVE. I was constantly trying to innovate when I didn’t need to. The truth is, I was bored. Running the same offer, funnels and systems was BORING to me.

Unknowingly, I would come in and try to add excitement and creativity and end up IMPLODING something that was working.

That’s when I had one of the biggest “ah-ha” moments of my career…

Marketing will LAUNCH a business. Operations will SCALE it.

So if you’re at the 8-figure mark in your business, focus on ways you can optimize what’s already working, even if that means removing yourself from the CEO role.

The story above is true. And it demonstrates a powerful principle: stories can build meaningful bonds with your audience.

The reality is simple but profound: share YOUR stories.

Your stories work because they’re real and relatable. You show the person behind the business and share real experiences that resonate with your subscribers.

It’s more than a sales tactic – it’s a way to build trust and rapport. Each personal story you share makes the email content more tangible and engaging to the reader.

Every story email you send is an opportunity to convert subscribers from mere numbers into devoted followers.

I get stopped ALL THE TIME by people who say, “ANIK! OMG, I love your stuff. I know you don’t know me, but wow, I feel like I know you!”

They say this not because they read my emails but because I tell so many stories about my life and experiences in my emails; people feel like they know me PERSONALLY.

Hearing this time and again indicates that my stories are deeply resonating with my audience.

If your audience feels like they KNOW you, you’re doing a great job with your email marketing. Strengthen this connection to optimize your email campaigns.

So, what stories should you share?

The answer is – anything and everything that offers a glimpse into your world. Find a way to connect the story to lessons for your audience.

Overcame a significant challenge? Share it. 

Had an epiphany during an ordinary day? Jot down the details.

Experienced an amazing win? Break it down.

Don’t hold back – you never know what story will impact your readers.

Here are some of the areas of my life I’ll tell stories about:

  • My health issues and how I’m addressing them
  • My near bankruptcies and how I overcame them
  • How I met my wife
  • What it’s like being a dad
  • The people I’ve met in my life
  • Thoughts I had while on a walk
  • How a plane I was on almost crashed

I literally pick anything and tell them about what’s going on in my life

TRUST ME, you have a ton of stories happening around you. They don’t need to be Hollywood-level blockbusters. If I can turn a trip to the bathroom into a story, you can too.

Content Emails

Content Emails

Content emails are all about delivering practical, actionable content to your prospects and customers to help them get closer to achieving their goals.

They’re common in newsletters, top lists, and listicles.

“5 Ways To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks or Less” is an example of a listicle.

The post you’re reading right now is also a perfect example. I’m giving you VALUABLE content that you can immediately use, and it’s a list of 4 things.

Remember, the keyword here is VALUABLE.

Your content emails need to stand out by being genuinely helpful.

They must be something your readers can understand, apply, and see results. If they’re generic, rehashed, or, heaven forbid, a blatant copy-and-paste from ChatGPT (yes, we know), they won’t just fail to engage – they could actively harm your reputation.

Nobody wants to be the sender of mediocre content. So, how do you know if your content is valuable?

If there’s even a hint of doubt about the value you’re offering, that’s a red flag.

A good litmus test to determine if your content is valuable is whether your audience would pay for the information you’ve imparted. Yes, your email content should be that good!

The bar for content quality is high for a reason. Your audience is bombarded with content daily. To cut through the noise, you’ve got to deliver the sort of value that stops readers in their tracks.

PRO TIP: Always over-deliver on content.

For content-focused emails to work, you must WOW people with value. They need to LEARN something. They should be able to TAKE ACTION after reading it.

It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. Your readers don’t need to find enlightenment, but it should make them pause and think, “I never thought of it that way,” or “I can use this.” This ‘aha’ moment is what separates compelling content from the mundane.

When your emails consistently offer value, you’ll never go wrong. You become your audience’s go-to resource, amplifying their engagement and loyalty.

Pitch Emails

Pitch Emails
Pitch Emails

Want a cost-effective way to increase your sales?

Start pitching to your email list.

Email is a dream for businesses and marketers. It’s inexpensive, unlike ads. You don’t have to pay to get in front of your customers.

Email marketing profits not only deliver the highest ROI out of any marketing method but people actually want to hear from you!

Stats show that 72% of consumers prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to only 17% who prefer social media.

With all these advantages of selling via email, you’d think email would be at the core of most marketing strategies.

But no. Selling in emails often gets a bad rap—I see too many people who build email lists but are afraid to pitch to their audience.

I am STUNNED by marketers who shy away from it. They’re afraid they’ll turn off their subscribers because they don’t want to be aggressive or intrusive.

They think selling in an email is BAD.

I hate to tell you this, but if you think selling to your audience is bad, you might want to re-evaluate why you’re in business in the first place.

Want to know another compelling reason why you should pitch to your audience?


 Science backs this up, too. Psychology Today broke it down for us:

  • Buying things can release pleasure chemicals in the brain
  • Being the first to buy something can make a person feel special
  • Having more stuff is a sign of prosperity
Quote Graphic Pitch Email
Quote Graphic Pitch Email

It’s human nature. We find satisfaction in acquiring new things, especially when they improve our lives or boost our confidence.

In the millions of emails I’ve sent, I’ve observed something interesting: The more I pitch to my list, the higher the engagement.


Your subscribers joined your list because they saw value in what you offer. They trust your expertise, your products, or your insights.

When you present them with an opportunity or product that can genuinely benefit them, you’re not just “selling.” You’re solving a problem. Your offer is their solution!

If you never present those valuable offers to your list, you’re essentially TRAINING them NOT to expect solutions from you and NOT to buy from you.

If your audience is not buying from you, they’ll just turn to your competitor.

Now, I’m not giving you the green light to pitch-slap your subscribers in every email. Don’t just sell, sell, sell all the time. 

Instead, you have to strike the right balance between offering value and presenting your solution. By combining the four email types I’m giving you in this article, you can effectively engage and sell to your audience without overwhelming them.

Hybrid Emails

Hybrid Email
Hybrid Email

Here’s the BIG one—the game-changing technique in email marketing—hybrid emails.

Master this, and you’re not just any marketer – you’re a Jedi in the world of email campaigns.

Okay, so listen up, young Padawan.

A “hybrid” email is when you combine either

  • A story email + pitch email
  • A content email + pitch email

Hybrid emails are POWERFUL because they drive engagement and compel your reader to act. They merge the personal touch of story emails with the direct approach of pitch emails or the information of content emails with a pitch.

Story + Pitch Email

For example, in a story + pitch email selling a weight loss protocol, you could tell the story of how you were overweight and felt unhealthy.

Use specifics that your audience can relate to:

  • Avoiding stairs due to breathlessness
  • Feeling tired throughout the day
  • Struggling to bend to tie your shoes
  • Hesitating to wear your favorite shirt because it no longer fits 

DON’T FAKE IT or mislead your audience. For the story to work, it needs to be real.

Once you hook your readers with a story they’re INTERESTED in, you slowly transition them to your pitch:

“But then I watched this video that completely CHANGED how I live my life.”

This video can lead them to a Video Sales Letter (VSL) that draws them into your offer.

Content + Pitch Email

Let’s dissect an email I recently sent that’s a content + pitch email hybrid.

Screenshot LURN Nation Hybrid Email Example

I started by highlighting the standard practice in SCALING BUSINESSES and why you should throw it out the window.

|| “The conventional thinking from most marketers is if you want to SCALE, the key is creating MORE offers and products.”

Remember our primary goal for content emails?


I shared a key business insight that nobody’s teaching: more offers don’t increase your ability to scale.

This is an unpopular opinion, but I have the experience to back it up. 

After covering horizontal versus vertical business expansion, my email transitions into the pitch: a free workshop.

|| “It took me YEARS to figure this out, but once I did, EVERYTHING changed.”

Screenshot LURN Nation Hybrid Email Example

Part of the pitch is the call to action: Save your FREE Seat Now!

The transition between the content to the pitch is smooth as silk in this email – and I’m offering something people in my audience actually WANT.

Don't Sit on Your List! Start Emailing TODAY

Profitable Email Action Plan
Profitable Email Action Plan

You’re now armed with four new tools to boost your email marketing profits. Time to put them to use. Here’s your action plan:

  • Implement Right Away: This week, begin using these techniques with your email list.
  • Diversify Your Approach: Don’t rely on just one email type. Rotate through the four styles to keep your content fresh and engaging.
  • Focus on Frequency: Regular communication with your list is essential. Start mailing your list more!

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