How to Sell High Ticket Offers Effortlessly

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Ready to learn how to sell high ticket offers while scaling your business, increasing your authority, and delivering massive value to your audience?

You’re in the right place! In this blog post, I’ll show you how to turn a webinar into a half-day summit that sells high-ticket offers like magic. 

I’ve personally used this strategy to sell offers that cost $5,000 or more.

Yes, you read that right: $5,000!

This is one of the best ways to scale your revenue, increase your authority, and deliver massive value to your audience. 

And the best part is, as long as you have an existing webinar, you don’t need to create anything from scratch. 

You can use the same content you already have in your webinar and transform it into an epic event that will blow your prospects away and allow you to sell a high-ticket offer on the backend. 

And you can do this in days, not weeks or months.

If that sounds good, let’s dive in.

Why Summits Work for Selling High Ticker Offers

Summit vs Webinars
Summit vs Webinars

You may be wondering…

Why bother with a summit when you already have a webinar that works?

Summits are one of the best ways to sell high-ticket offers online for a variety of reasons:

  • Higher perceived value
  • Longer engagement period
  • Built-in audience trust

Higher Perceived Value

For starters, summits have a higher perceived value than webinars.

When your audience hears the word summit, they know this is not just another webinar.

They know this is something special, something exclusive, and something worth their time and attention.

They know they’re going to learn a lot, network with other like-minded people, and get access to experts and influencers in their niche.

They’ll get a lot of value for free.

And that’s exactly what you want them to think.

Because when they see how much value you’re giving them for free, they’ll be more likely to buy your paid offer later.

Longer Engagement Period

Quote graphic
Quote graphic

Secondly, summits have a longer engagement period than webinars.

Webinars are great, but they have their limitations.

Most webinars last for an hour with some Q&A at the end. That’s not enough time to build the kind of trust, rapport, and authority with your audience that commands high prices.

Plus, webinars are easy to skip or forget.

People may register for your webinar but never show up or watch the replay.

Or they may attend your webinar, but get distracted by other things and lose interest.

Or they may pay attention to your whole webinar, but not take action on your offer because they’re not ready or convinced yet.

Summits solve all these problems.

Summits last for half a day or more which gives you plenty of time to engage your audience, educate them, entertain them, and persuade them. 

They are also harder to skip or forget.

People who sign up for your summit are making a bigger commitment than those who sign up for your webinar.

And that means they’re more likely to stick around until the end and take action on your offer.

Summit benefits
Summit benefits

Built-In Audience Trust

Now, let’s talk trust. Trust is your secret weapon, especially when it comes to high-ticket offers. 

Nobody shells out big bucks to strangers. They buy from people they know, like, and, above all, trust. That’s where summits shine.

Summits are a trust-building playground where you can showcase your expertise, demonstrate your credibility, and let your personality shine in ways webinars can only dream of. 

It’s not a one-way street; it’s a two-way conversation. 

You’re there, live and in action, addressing questions, smashing objections, and helping people overcome hurdles.

Summits let you tell stories, share testimonials, and sprinkle in case studies – all forms of social proof that help you build a community of die-hard fans.

And here’s the kicker: Summits plant you firmly in the spotlight as the authority, the expert who can help your audience reach their dreams. 

The trust you build at a summit is like rocket fuel for your audience’s desire to work with you.

When you’ve already done the work to create a webinar – turning it into a summit doesn’t require a ton of extra effort.

But the difference for your audience is HUGE.

Now – let me be clear. You need to have 2 things:

  1. A Webinar That Converts
  2. A $5,000+ Offer To Sell (Your Backend)

If you have those two things – you’re off to the races!

Okay, let’s get to it. The 5 step strategy I’ve used again and again (and again)…

How to Sell High-Ticket Offers with Your Summit

How to Sell High Ticket Offers with a Summit
How to Sell High Ticket Offers with a Summit

If you’re used to the webinar game, it can seem daunting to host a summit, let alone one that actually helps you sell a high-ticket offer.

But the good news is that turning a webinar into a summit is pretty simple.

You just need to make some tweaks and additions to your existing webinar content and structure.

Here are the five steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Shorten the Story From Your Webinar

This might sound a little strange, but let me explain.

One of the most important parts of your $997 webinar is the “story.”

You see, you can’t really sell effectively in a webinar without having a good story to share.

Now, when it comes to half-day summits, things are a bit different.

Summits have much more CONTENT. People are giving you a half-day of their time, and they expect to start learning ASAP.

But here’s the thing: you’ll still cover the same material you did in your webinar, just in smaller sections.

So, instead of spending a lot of time on your story, you’ll keep it short and simple.

Use one slide for your story, then give the audience the CONTENT.


Because your story is not the main attraction of your summit. Your content is.

So, use a quick 10–15 minute story to get them interested and excited about what you’re going to teach them next. 

Focus on key points like who you are, your area of expertise, a challenge you faced, how you overcame it, and the remarkable results you achieved.

This refined approach ensures that your audience remains engaged and eager for the content that follows, creating an appetite for the valuable insights you’re about to serve up.

Step 2: Add Workshop Time

While you’re not going to do a full overhaul of your webinar, it’ll feel like you did for the audience.

Take your existing webinar and add ‘Workshop time” to your presentation.

PAUSE what you’re teaching in the workshop and spend time engaging with the audience.

Not a ton of time either – think 20/30 minutes.

The name of the game with summits is ENGAGEMENT.

You can have them:

  • Offer a Q&A session on what you just covered
  • Provide a worksheet or other resource for them to use live
  • Use short surveys or quizzes then discuss the results

This isn’t a huge lift on your part, and it takes your old “webinar” and turns it into something more engaging.

There is nothing better when it comes time to pitch than an extremely engaged audience.


Because engagement leads to action.

Quote graphic
Quote graphic

When you engage your audience in your summit, you’re doing several things at once.

You will make them feel valued and appreciated, demonstrating genuine care for their questions, feedback, and opinions. 

They become part of a grander narrative, sensing newfound confidence and capability.

With you as their guide, they see a path to solving their problems, conquering their goals, and reaching their desired outcomes. They’re primed to take the next step with you.

You’re making them feel invested and committed, urging them towards small actions that pave the way for more significant results. 

An engaged audience is more likely to buy your offer when you pitch it to them.

Because by then, they’ll know you, like you, trust you, and see you as more than a presenter. 

You’ve transformed into an expert, a leader, and a mentor who can help them achieve their dreams.

And they’ll see your offer as the logical and natural next step in their journey.

So how do you add workshop time to your summit?

It’s easy. You just need to pause your presentation at strategic points and invite your audience to do something with you.

For example, imagine you’ve created a webinar that teaches marketers how to improve their webinar conversions. (Meta, right?)

In the section where you’re teaching them how to craft a killer webinar headline, you could get them to participate by having them write out 3 webinar title examples.

Go one step further and ask for volunteers to share their titles so you can offer input. You can even call on people at random to level up their engagement.

You could also ask the audience to vote on which headline they like best or which one they would click on.

This way, you’re creating a FUN and interactive workshop that will help your audience learn and apply what you teach them.

And you’re also creating a sense of community and camaraderie among your audience members.

They’ll feel more connected to you and each other.

And they’ll feel more excited about your summit and your offer.

Speaking of the pitch…

Step 3: Add a Soft, Mid-Summit Pitch for Your High-Ticket Offer

Once you get about 1.5 to 2 hours into your Summit, it’s time to do a soft pitch.

This should be 3-5 slides long and cover your offer at a high level.

Don’t dig into the nitty-gritty details, but instead, notify your audience that a more in-depth pitch is coming later.


Because this is where you start to create some urgency and scarcity for your offer.

You want to let your audience know that there is… 

  • Limited opportunity to work with you and get access to your offer
  • A special deal or bonus that is only available for those who act fast
  • The risk of missing out if they don’t take action soon

But you don’t want to be too pushy or salesy at this point or you risk losing the trust and rapport you’ve built with your audience so far.

You don’t want them to feel pressured or manipulated.

You just want to plant the seeds of desire and curiosity in their minds.

And then move on with the content.

So how do you do a mid-summit pitch?

It’s simple. You just need to briefly introduce your offer, explain why it’s valuable, and invite them to book a call with you or your team.

For example, let’s say your offer is a $5,000 coaching program that helps people create and sell their own high-ticket offers using webinars.

About 2 hours into your summit, let your audience know about the offer, the benefits they’ll get from taking you up on your offer, and a few wins people like them have had with your offer.

The move on.

You don’t need to go into too much detail or pressure them to buy.

You just need to spark their interest and curiosity then let them take the next step with you.

Remember, the goal of a mid-summit pitch is to create the desire for your offer. If your free summit has offered a mega ton of value,  they’ll already be interested in what you can deliver if they pay for your offer.

Plant the seeds of desire and curiosity in your audience’s minds and then move on with the content.

Step 4: Lengthen Your Pitch at the End

The pitch you end the event with can be similar to the one from the original webinar.

The biggest difference is that you’re asking people to book a call instead of heading to a sales page.

Just like you would on your original webinar, take the time to walk them through everything they get when they join.

Plus, when you lengthen the pitch, you give people who are “on the fence” more time to book a call.

You can…

  • Do a live Q&A
  • Recap some of the content you taught
  • Bring on guests who have worked with you to share their stories

My team will tell you that we’ve had summits where I’ve “pitched” for hours.

But really, what I’m doing is just hanging out and engaging the audience.

The longer you stay chatting with your audience, the more sales you’ll make.

They’ll have seen enough proof, value, and benefits stemming from your summit. 

They’ll have had the privilege of firsthand experience with your undeniable expertise, credibility, and personality. 

You’ll have formed an authentic connection with them.

And, in the midst of it all, they’ll experience a profound revelation—your offer stands as the ultimate solution to unlocking their most pressing problems and biggest goals.

Step 5: Bulk Up Your Landing Page

Now, all of the above can’t be done unless you have a BULKED UP opt-in page.

For webinars, you can use really short landing pages. 

But for summits, your page needs to be long enough to convey to people that investing their time in your summit will be truly worthwhile. 

Your landing page needs to be nothing short of epic. 

Now, don’t let the term “epic” intimidate you. Creating an epic landing page doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, you can take large portions of your webinar content and use that as the foundation for your page. 

You can even leverage the power of AI to do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Here’s the game plan…

Break down everything you’re going to cover in your webinar into specific “sessions.” 

This not only adds an event-like feel but also allows you to clearly communicate what your audience will learn in each session. 

Every session should be packed with value, delivering coveted “ah-ha moments.” And you want to prominently display these on your landing page.

Incorporate a video to engage your audience. Strategically placed images will also enhance the page. 

But where you can really make a difference is in the copy. Make sure your copy is clear, engaging, and actionable. People MUST come away from the summit page ready to jump into your event. 

Stand out from the crowd with your landing page by making it abundantly clear just how much value you’ll be providing—for free. 

This approach not only sets the stage for the event but also primes your audience for what’s to come.

What's Next?

So, there you have it—the precise method I’ve employed countless times to sell high ticket offers of $5,000 or more.

Again, if you already have a successful webinar and a $5,000+ offer, this is one of the fastest ways to ramp up your revenue.

If you’re eager to scale your revenue, boost your authority, and deliver exceptional value to your audience, this strategy is golden.

If you’re ready for more insights like the ones in this article AND to network with like-minded business owners who are crushing it, join the FREE Expert Scale Facebook Group!

It’s FREE and it’s FUN! 

See you on the inside.

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