The Best Way to Start a Webinar for More Sales

The Best Way to Start a Webinar for More Sales

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Wonder how I’ve been able to achieve astronomical webinar attendance and sales rates?

It’s not just about the content I deliver (though that’s a huge part). It’s also about how I introduce and structure my presentation. 

Those initial moments are critical in setting the tone and capturing your audience’s attention.

In this article, we’ll pull back the curtain and talk about the best tried-and-true way to start your webinars.

Strategies for Starting a Webinar

Strategies for Starting a Webinar
Strategies for Starting a Webinar

There are lots of ways to start your webinar.

While each has its merits, it’s worth evaluating what the most effective strategy is based on the goal of generating sales.

The Usual Introductions

At the heart of every successful webinar lies a powerful introduction. 

Most webinars usually open with an introduction slide that puts the spotlight on the presenter’s credentials. It also provides a brief snapshot of the topics in store. 

But while it’s important to establish credibility, the real challenge lies in making this segment both authoritative and engaging.

This will determine whether attendees stay hooked or put their attention elsewhere.

In any presentation, you have exactly 10 minutes to lock in your audience’s interest. 

After that, engagement can drop by A MILE.

That’s enough to totally deflate your conversions.

Countdowns and Waiting Rooms

The digital countdown signals the webinar’s start time. 

This has become a standard feature in many webinars. In the same way virtual “waiting rooms” often serve as holding areas for early attendees.

Some savvy presenters even use this time to share exclusive tidbits, early bird offers, or engaging quizzes.

Although these elements can build anticipation, they can also test the patience of an audience that wants quick value.

So you need to make the waiting period a bonus in the attendee’s webinar experience rather than detract from it.

Jumping into the Main Content

Some presenters use a more direct approach and go into the core content right away. 

While this kind of efficiency is impressive, it’s equally important that attendees are prepped and ready. 

After all, a webinar isn’t just a knowledge transfer medium. It’s an experience. 

A seamless transition helps set the right pace and ensures the audience is aligned with the presenter from the get-go.

Plus, if you start right away, you’ll likely miss the chance to engage stragglers who come a few minutes late to your presentation.

How YOU Should Start Your Webinars

How You Should Start Your Webinars

If you’re always on the hunt for strategies to give your webinars a competitive edge, I’ve got a golden nugget for you. 

One that’s simple, requires zero prep, but has the potential to transform your results.

Here it is: 

I consistently start my webinars a whole 30 minutes early. 

The most obvious reason for doing this has to do with logistics. One of the biggest problems attendees face is logging in late and missing crucial information. 

By starting early, even those who join a tad bit late are still just on time for the main content. 

Plus, it reduces the chances of technical glitches disrupting the presentation. 

When your attendees realize you’re offering extra value, they’re more inclined to clear their schedules and show up promptly.

But other than this reason, there’s a deeper psychology at play in getting an early start on your webinars.

Why You Should Start Webinars 30 Minutes Early

Every minute counts in your webinars. So why not add 30 more?

Before you dismiss this suggestion, let me explain the three compelling reasons behind this strategy.

Recognize Webinars as Events First

Recognize Webinars as Events First
Recognize Webinars as Events First

Webinars aren’t just presentations. They are EVENTS.

Think about your favorite music concerts. Aren’t the opening acts and the initial build-up part of the whole excitement? 

The same principle applies to webinars.

I personally love throwing a “pre-party” for my attendees. It’s about setting the stage, building anticipation, and “warming up” the room. 

You don’t want your main content to do the warming up. That’s not its job.

And here’s another tip:

This 30-minute “pre-party” segment is always spontaneous. I don’t plan out a big pre-presentation that takes hours of work.

I just let people know I’m opening the room early.

Sometimes it’s a casual Q&A about my travels, a reveal of a recent contest winner, or just an insight into my favorite football team. 

The goal is to make webinars an engaging experience and not a drab lecture.

Build Trust Through Relationships

Build Trust Through Relationships
Build Trust Through Relationships

I’ve always said that effective marketing is rooted in genuine relationships.

Audiences today are constantly bombarded with generic marketing messages. This has made authenticity a rare commodity (and more valuable than ever).

How many times have you heard webinar attendees say, “I feel like I know this speaker?”

That’s the power of connection. During my early start, I share stories, answer questions, and let people peek into my world.


Because people seek authenticity. They crave connections with real people, not faceless brands. 

This is even more important given that 60% of leads say no four times before they say yes. 

They’ll part with their hard-earned money, but only if they genuinely trust and connect with the individual on the other end.

Every question I answer and every story I share fosters that trust. And it sets the stage for the main event.

Maximize Attendance and Retention

Maximize Attendance and Retention
Maximize Attendance and Retention

It’s a simple equation. Start early, engage your audience, and watch your attendance numbers soar.

Nobody loves the infamous “waiting room.” Those eager beavers who log in early? 

If you leave them hanging, there’s a good chance they might drift off, get distracted, and never return.

However, by going live 30 minutes ahead, I make sure that:

  • Those who are early feel valued and are more likely to stick around.
  • There’s more time for notifications to go out, ensuring maximum reach.
  • I build a strong rapport, which translates to longer stays and… you guessed it, higher sales.

This also boosts the value proposition of the webinar and gives the audience a reason to stick around for the main event.

When attendees feel connected from the outset, they’re 57% more likely to convert after the live event.

By creating an environment of importance and urgency around the webinar, I’m ‌priming my audience for what’s ahead.

Start Your Webinars the Right Way

A 30-minute early start can be the game-changer that sets your webinars apart in an overcrowded digital space. 

It’s the unique touch that builds excitement and preps your attendees for what’s to come. 

You can use that time to transform the regular ‘webinar watching’ into a memorable event.

For more insights and strategies for taking your webinars to the next level, join my FREE Expert Scale Facebook group.

See you there!

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